What's Medici?

Medici is digital solution that enhances the museum experience by simplifying the process of finding the right cultural event. With Medici, the user can share and connect with others, review and comment on museum exhibits and plan based on feedback from other users. The user also has the opportunity to seamlessly purchase and redeem museum tickets via the app.


UX researcher, strategist and UI designer


Museum visits can be overwhelming for people who don't plan ahead but some visitors lack the time it takes to properly plan and prepare. The current search tools that are available are too diverse. People "don't know what they don't know" and therefore can't conduct an effective search.

Research, Analysis & Synthesis

I wanted to start with the basics and explore who is currently going to museums, how I can I define them and who Medici should target as their audience.

Through contextual research we defined museum goers as "Cultural Enthusiasts,” those who are intrinsically motivated, seek enrichment, adventurous, curious about the world, independent-minded, and open to new ideas and experiences. From now on, I will continue to use this term to reference Medici's audience.


I conducted my own survey sampled over 100 people. We also explored LaPlaca Cohen’s 2014 Culture Track survey that sampled over 4,000 people.

Younger generations (Millennials and Gen X) are more likely to see cultural organizations as places where they can meet like-minded individuals, engage in self-discovery, and learn about other cultures or perspectives.


I then conducted several in-depth interviews with survey participants to dig deeper into their current museum experience. Some ideas jumped out: 



After completing my initial contextual research, surveys, and 1:1 interviews, I began to tie things together.

  • Museums can be “overwhelming” and intimidating to the unprepared or the unfamiliar visitor.
  • There is a need for consolidated discovery and planning tools where visitors can find all museums, exhibits, and alleviate logistical pains based on individual preferences.
  • Cultural enthusiasts are intrinsically motivated and want to connect and share what they’ve learned with others.


Enter Medici, a digital solution that guides the visitor through the entire museum experience — before, during & after.


Mockups & Features

A microsite to showcase the Medici app.

The Medici badging legend (left), community homepage (center) & collection of badges (right). Museum engagement extends after the visit with a community collage or favorite works and a scavenger hunt.

The Medici rewards section (left) and leaderboard (right).